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Configuration of Pro/ENGINEER to suit your business and product structure with custom start parts, drawing templates, parameters. Increase productivity with custom user interface icons and mapkeys.

Development of custom techniques and procedures to maximize the use of Pro/E with your product structure. Not to be confused with modeling skills, this enables your users to really combine Pro/E with your product. Your users may have been given the training on how to model assemblies and make drawings, but not much thought or guidance is normally given as to how to adapt the modeling structure to your company's product structure and Bill of Material structure. Should you model to suit the assembly process, or the manufacturing process, or the BOM? Should you use a Top-Down approach, with full associativity between geometry of different parts, or do you make each part stand alone and use the Bottom-Up process? How should you model extrusions such as seals and gaskets, where you need a drawing of the 2D section, and also several different variations in assembled conditions. How should you handle in-house reworks to components? When your assemblies get too large to handle, how should you simplify them?

Development of policies and procedures to control the use of Pro/E, deployed through a custom intranet and/or custom training.

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Along with user proficiency, this is where you'll be able to make great gains in productivity and realizing your ROI.

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