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Pro/ENGINEER Training
   On-site instructor-led classes:

      Basic - following standard text books for basic Pro/E skills in part, assembly, drawing, sheet metal.

      Advanced - furthering your skillsets with advanced techniques in all aspects of Pro/E.

     Specialized - Surfacing, Sheet Metal, Large Assembly Management.

     SuperUser - customized training for the CAD Admin / Mentor.

      Custom - each company has different standards that dictate how Pro/E should be implemented.

   CBT (Computer-Based Training: All of the above types of training can be furnished on a CD for self-training.

Pro/ENGINEER Skills Assessment
It is alright to give people training, but just attending a course does not prove that they have learned, or indeed, are willing to learn. You may be surprised to find that your so-called gurus are stuck in their ways and are unwilling to learn new (or better) tricks. Worse still, they are sharing their own brand of knowledge with the masses, making life miserable for the poor CAD administrator. Believe me, I've been there, and I'm happy to say that there are solutions!
   It's helpful to both the user and his manager to understand the individual's skillsets. Not that the manager will necessarily understand what each project that he's handing out will require as far as Pro/E skills go; he'll need some skilled advice. The user may be new to Pro/E and feel overwhelmed by what he perceives to be an insurmountable mountain in front of him; by showing him how much he currently knows and how much he needs to learn, he'll be able to define his goals better.
   Tests can be arranged, on- or off-site, to evaluate users' skills. These can be in several forms:

bullet Multi-choice questions - useful for getting a quick evaluation of a potential new hire.
bullet Preset modeling problems in various areas of Pro/E (Sheet Metal, Sketcher, Surfacing, etc)
bullet A unique one-day test that covers most areas of Pro/E. This can be customized to be more applicable to your product.

    The results can be tabulated, with recommendations for further training, if required. I suggest that the users are made aware of only their own scores, and not others. The goal in Skills Assessment are:

bulletDetermine what skills are required per user, to be effective at their job.
bulletDetermine what skills they currently possess.
bulletDetermine what further training is required.

   The establishment of a group of SuperUsers - Mentors - is critical in helping to solve the day-to-day problems that crop up, without the need for a full-time roving troubleshooter. Most people tend to specialize in different aspects of designing (some use sheet metal more than others, some use surfacing, etc), and these special skillsets can be utilized to help the masses.

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Demo - Coffee Mug

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Coffee Mug -
taken from Inside Pro/ENGINEER by James Utz & Robert Cox

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