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Some of the work I've done over the years:

The following images are scanned from pen/pencil on paper/Mylar:



The following images are either screen shots or rendered in Pro/PHOTORENDER:


The following are images of a truck dash, which was modeled from scratch to accommodate
different body widths and be as fully modifiable as possible.

The following is a driver ergonomic study - the skeleton part includes surfaces for eye
ellipse, head contour, belly and knee contours and hand reach zones, and is driven by
Pro/LAYOUT. The layout contains many relations that allow any variations of design
to be accommodated very quickly. Based on SAE standards.




The following is an articulating assembly of a front steering axle. Geometry was constructed to allow different spring heights from side to side, and different steering angles. The assembly is controlled by a layout, with hundreds of parameters and relations. The user has a choice of over 100 axles, 40 springs, 100 wheels, 40 tires. By simply typing in the appropriate part numbers, the assembly generates accordingly. An automated process was added to generate a part containing the tire swept volume surfaces.


Truck dash assembly. The dash itself was remodeled from scratch to accurately record an existing part, for retooling. C2 surfaces on the A-surface, drafts and rounds included.


Fiberglass console for a boat, reverse-engineered from point-cloud data:


Cooling tower wall segment:                  MediaCan (fiberglass wall segments):



fiberglass console for boat:                           Truck battery box:


Casting:             Mirror:          Animation:                                 Hood hinge (4-bar linkage):


Hood design (truck):


Overhead console:


Cab design:


Chassis design:

The following tri-steer axle system was developed from the ground up, with all new components for the suspension and steering. A skeleton model was created that allowed variations in wheel angles and suspension heights, which controlled the placement of the real component models in the top assembly.


Hydraulic cylinder:    Casting (from fabrication):



Transmission test stand:                Castings:


Injection-molded housings:


Assembly fixtures:


Offshore piping:


Front drive axle:


Rear steer axle:


Transmission shifter mechanism:

Welding fixture:


Engine installations:



Cab air suspension:




Copyright 2001 David Tate. All rights reserved