Fun Page

OK - so you've told your spouse that you do modeling for a living, but you don't say just what kind of modeling it is.

Here's a chance to practice your modeling skills - with no penalty involved - just for the fun of it. (I know, Pro/E and fun don't usually go together in the same sentence). But try to have some fun anyway!

And remember to avoid the "blue child syndrome" - practice safe modeling!

Fun 1 - Pen On Surface

Constrain the pen so that it touches, and remains normal to, the wavy surface at any and all locations.

pen_on_surf.gif (6600 bytes)
Fun 2 - Spirit Level

Construct features to let the ball always remain at the top of the glass tube, no matter what angle the level is at.

level.gif (7112 bytes)
Fun 3 - Magic Frame

Does the rear vertical leg really come in front of the front top horizontal member? Is it an optical illusion or does it just look like one?

frame.gif (11232 bytes)

Fun 4 - Pro/E in Ten Steps?

These steps are continually climbing upwards - or downwards, if you're a pessimist - but stair all you want, the solution won't jump out at you.

steps.gif (12309 bytes)
Fun 5 - Soccer Ball

Kick this around and see if you can make a soccer ball

ball.jpg (25633 bytes)